For the success of your child and the discovery of his sports talents

Hockey school DEVILS HOCKEY LAB created with an individual approach and a bias to every novice and professional in hockey.
In our workouts, the most modern hockey simulators help develop a player's speed, dexterity, strength, technique, accuracy, balance, game thinking, and much more to build a confident hockey career.
All the wealth of experience gathered by our team during the period of professional playing career and coaching to uncover the talents and successes of your child. DEVILS HOCKEY LAB works with the popular names of the hockey industry, takes all the best from them to train their students and bring everyone to the best result.
Overcoming all the barriers to professional development and observing the hockey world every day, DEVILS HOCKEY LAB is ready to contribute to the development and promotion of talented players in top and well-known teams of the hockey world.
The main components of the training process
Owning a stick with a puck
The speed/sharpness of the hands at the time of dribbling in front of an opponent
Working out fights on ice
Hours tricks to the opponent
Reception and transfer of the puck. Game moments on the ice and off-ice
Maneuvering on ice
Sharp change direction skating
Power/explosive/technical/fast/diverse ice skating
Throws with obstacles
Psychological training
Exact and strong throws from different positions of the playing field "finishing"
Positional game on ice for defenders, attackers and goalkeepers
Theory/practice games, detailed video analysis of the player
Practicing power techniques and defense from them
Training for goalkeepers
Practicing dexterity, coordination, strength, speed-strength qualities, strength endurance
Help in finding and device players in the best leagues and teams
Artem Kotov
Creator and head coach of school - laboratory DEVILS KOTOV HOCKEY LAB
Junior career began in:
1. HC Spartak (Saint-Petersburg). Winners of SP.
2. HC Vityaz (Podolsk). Winners of RF, МО and Moscow.
3. HC Atlant (Mytishchi). Winners of МО and Moscow.
4. HC Crystall (Electrostal).
5. HC Jokipojat (Finland).
6. HC Ak-Bars (Kazan). Winners of RF.

Youth career:
1. HC Atlant (Mytishchi). Winners of МО and Moscow.
2. HC Boston BlackHawks (Usa, Boston)
3. HC Kobra (Czech Republic, Praha)
4. HC Sparta (Czech Republic, Praha)

Professional career:
1. HC Donbass (Donetsk) (СHL/SHL)
2. HC Sarov (Nizhegorodskaya oblast) (SHL)
3. HC SKA/VMF (Saint-Petersburg) (SHL)
Training sessions are daily from 6:00 - 21:00
We have access to all the ice arenas in Prague
Convenient for you training time at a convenient stadium
The possibility of organizing training camps in your country or city
Trainings take place at — Přetlucká 3422/23, 100 00 Strašnice
Training duration is 1 hour
One training — 700 czk
10-training package — 7 000 czk
15-training package — 10 500 czk
20-training package — 13 500 czk
Important to know
In addition to the cost of individual training there is an additional fee:

Tickets for mass skating, coach + child (50 to 100 kronor/person).

Rental of ice (training on the whole field)

Rent of a sports hall (indoor training)

Practice on a specialized plastic hockey field - FREE admission
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Head coach: Artem Kotov


Phone:+420 777 444 570
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