About school

Artem KOTOV, creator and head coach of hockey school – laboratory DEVILS KOTOV HOCKEY LAB.

Junior career took place in such clubs as:
1. HC Spartak (St. Petersburg). Medailists of St. Petersburg.
2. HC Vityaz (Podolsk) Medalists of the Russian Federation, Moscow Region and Moscow.
3. HC Atlant (Mytishchi) Medailists of Moscow Region and Moscow
4. HC Crystal (Elektrostal)
5. HC Jokipojat (Finland / Finland)
6. HC Ak-Bars (Kazan) Medalists of the Russian Federation.

Youth career took place in such clubs as:
1. HC Atlant (Mytishchi) Medailists of Moscow Region and Moscow
2. HC Boston BlackHawks (Usa, Boston)
3. HC Kobra (Czech Republic, Prague)
4. HC Sparta (Czech Republic, Prague)

Professional career took place in such clubs as:
1. HC Kobra (Czech Republic, Prague)
2. HC Donbass (Donetsk) (KHL / VHL)
3. HC Sarov (Nizhny Novgorod Region) (VHL)
4. HC SKA / Navy (St. Petersburg) (VHL)
5. HC Draci (Czech Republic, Prague)
6. HC KOBRA (Czech Republic, Prague)


What does a hockey player get working in our hockey school:

  • Improving speed and speed-power indicators due to the programs developed by the team of the hockey school Devils Hockey Lab.
  • Acquisition of launch / explosive speed by working out the correct position on the ice and the power of the legs.
  • Confidence of speed skating on ice without falling due to practicing specialized exercises to control your body and sense of balance.
  • Sly and competent tactical exercises for playing in equal compositions, the majority and the minority.
  • The accumulation of tricks in front of the opponent in the most critical situations of the player to be able to quickly make a decision on the ice.
  • Working out accurate and strong gears at short and long distances, all gears are trained in a game with obstacles.
  • Skills of fast and sharp hands at the time of dribbling, due to modern exercises for the player.
  • Perception of the game, interest and excitement for hockey, making a quick, right decision on the ice, a detailed analysis of your gaming moments in our theoretical exercises.
  • Interesting and at the same time difficult exercises outside the ice for developing many other points, an individual approach to each player.
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