Hockey School DEVILS in Prague

DEVILS HOCKEY LAB is a hockey school that combines talented coaches, past skills and modern technology!

All the wealth of experience gathered by our team during the period of professional playing career and coaching to uncover the talents and successes of your child. DEVILS HOCKEY LAB works with the popular names of the hockey industry, takes all the best from them to train their students and bring everyone to the best result.

Most of our coaches are active professional players of famous hockey teams.

Overcoming all the barriers to professional development and observing
the hockey world every day, DEVILS HOCKEY LAB is ready to contribute to the development and promotion of talented players in top and well-known teams of the hockey world.

Hockey school DEVILS HOCKEY LAB created with an individual approach and a bias to every novice and professional in hockey.
In our workouts, the most modern hockey simulators help develop a player’s speed, dexterity, strength, technique, accuracy, balance, game thinking, and much more to build a confident hockey career.

Training takes place on the ice and outside the ice at specialized sites with artificial ice.



The main components of the training process:

  • Owning a stick with a puck.
  • The speed / sharpness of the hands at the time of dribbling in front of an opponent.
  • Hours tricks to the opponent.
  • Reception and transfer of the puck. Game moments on the ice and off-ice.
  • Maneuvering on ice.
  • Sharp change direction skating.
  • Power / Explosive / Technical / Fast / Diverse ice skating.
  • Throws with obstacles.
  • Exact and strong throws from different positions of the playing field “finishing”.
  • Positional game on ice for defenders, attackers and goalkeepers.
  • Theory / Practice games, detailed video analysis of the player.
  • Practicing power techniques and defense from them.
  • Practicing dexterity, coordination, strength, speed-strength qualities, strength endurance.
  • Working out fights on ice.
  • Psychological training.
  • Training for goalkeepers.
  • Help in finding and device players in the best leagues and teams.

We considered all Czech hockey schools with a bias towards the type of activity and did not find anyone who could compete with our level and approach to the players. Each player undergoes a professional analysis with us. After that, the DEVILS HOCKEY LAB team builds a detailed training program according to which the player makes his small but confident steps towards the contracts of the top leagues of the world hockey.

With our experts in the DEVILS HOCKEY LAB team, most of whom played in overseas famous teams, as well as in the continental and European leagues, we will find an approach to each athlete.

The task of DEVILS HOCKEY LAB is to keep track of every pupil of our school at the games and to keep detailed statistics on seasonal games. Based on this, we build the history of each and go deep down to the smallest detail so that the results working with us only get better.


We are waiting for you in our laboratory for creating devil Champions !!!
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